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A Quinceañera


Is the most anticipated event for teenage latinas. Quinceañera Expo was created to assist these young ladies in the planning of their special day.Quinceañera Expo is an Event like No Other..

What is
Quinceañeras Expo

The premium quinceañera
Show in the bay area

Your options

We offer a variety of participation options including: Radio Sponsorships, Literature Sponsorships, Expo Material Sponsorships, Space Reservations and much more.


With a wide range of exhibit opportunities to choose from, show participation is within reach of all businesses, big or small. Let the power of the Quinceañeras Expo send your business to the next level in the Quinceañera Market.

On the web

Our State-of-the-Art website offers the latest in innovative tools. is dedicated primarily to Quinceañeras all over the US, by providing tools to both Vendors and Quinceañeras, we assure a smaller communication gap between service providers and consumers.


Our years of organizing large scale events and over 50,000 registered Quinceañeras has given us the extensive knowledge and expertise that you can trust.

Exposure Opportunities

Exposure Blue Booth Pink Booth Golden
Space Type 1 blue booth 1 pink booth 2 pink booth 2 pink booth
Email Blast
Chat with Quinceañeras
Vendor Listing
Add in Quinceañeras Magazine full page full page
Logo in Print Promos
Logo in Web Promos
Name mention in add Campaing
Banner in Homepage
15 Sec Mention on Stage
Flyer insert in Expo Bag
5 Min Stage Time
Tickets to Expo 25 50
Parking Passesinfo 2 4
Facebook Campaining Posts 2 4
Registration software
Ad in Quinceañera Magazine for 6 months

Call for price


Call for price


Additional information about pricing

Add in Quinceañera Magazine is for 6 months. Vendor listing is uploaded the week you make your contract. In order to be listed on this site, you must make an account first, upload your images and profile information. Only Quinceañeras can initiate a chat. Your profile on this website will be public for up to 3 months after the conclusion of the event your participated in. Banners in our homepage will be active for 6 months.

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